Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Twitter - Be Brief

I've been thinking a lot about what we'd really like to see from brands on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And I think I've boiled it down to one solid piece of advice.

Here it is: don't waste time - yours or anybody else's. Get in and get out.

Think about how long a trailer is in comparison to a movie: one knows you have the time to watch it - the other wants to grab your attention to get you to GO to the movie.

Keep it simple. Tell somebody what you want them to hear, and what you'd like them to do, and why. Then go.

Don't overstay your welcome. You're barely a footnote in your customers life compared to friends, family and loved ones. Respect that position. Respect the opportunity to become a footnote. It's actually quite a privilege.

Get in, say something, get out.

Quote: The Dragonfly Effect

And read The Dragonfly Effect. Seriously, it's brilliant.

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