Thursday, 28 March 2013

Search for the purple cow, not the grumpy cat!

Grumpy Cat

Do we really need social analytics to know what’s a good post, and what’s not? Are we too hung up on stats?

Are you focussed on what’s best for your community, or having the best stats in the industry?

I think sometimes as Community/Social media managers, we get the two mixed up.

Hulk Smash
It’s always fun to compare yourself to a competitor, and notice that you are smashing them to bits on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Here in the UK, in certain industries, it’s not particularly hard. I think we’re going through a bit of a creative fallow period at the moment, with too many brands and businesses posting too much of the same stuff. There are only so many ‘IT’S NEARLY THE WEEKEND!’ posts you can take before my eyes shrivel up and fall out of my head.

We all look for the purple cow, as Seth Godin likes to call it. But if you’re looking for it in the same field as everybody else, you’re not going to find something unique, because everybody else will see it!

Look for what’s unique to you. To your audience. That’s where true success lays.

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