Monday, 18 February 2013

Why most social media blogs are shit

I’m bored. I mean seriously, seriously bored.

I’ve been checking out the latest blogs in and around my industry, and to be perfectly honest, I’m a little bit disappointed in what I’m seeing in out there. I thought I had this whole blogging thing licked! But it turns out I’m wrong.

Do you want to know what the secret of writing a good social media blog is?

Fresh content?

Great advice?

Crisp, engaging copy that jumps off the page?

Strong imagery or branding?

Nope - none of the above really matter. What matters is how many times you can mention how important social media is to keep on writing the same article over and over again.

You know - the one about how social media is a transformational platform, how your company really should be on there, how it’s the wave of the future.

Let me repeat that: to be successful, keep on writing the same, tired, shitty articles over and over again.

You also need to back this up with a few speculative tit-bits about how social media drives sales, gives tangible ROI and had single-handedly saved the Bolivian Unicorn from extinction.

Do we really need more articles of this kind? Do we really need another article with a headline like this? Or this? Come on. It’s getting boring now. You’re supposed to be an expert. Crafting a blog post out of one bullet-point on a Powerpoint presentation is weak, and if you are going to do a top five/ten/twenty social media list, or a really vague ‘duh’ guide to a platform, leave it to the pros like Mashable.

Aim for the niche. Aim for what you’re good at. Why are you a good social media marketer? Why are you a good community manager? What’s your niche? What makes you special?

Nobody wants to read the same old shit anymore - it’s time to step it up. Write something you’d want to read for a change. Write for yourself, and people like you first. Let the high-traffic blogs handle the simple questions. Your role as somebody that knows about social is to share real, tangible knowledge. Your thoughts. Your opinion. Give me something contentious.

Challenge me! Because we’re not being challenged enough as an industry at the moment. We just let people drink from the fountain of social media and froth over how many likes or follows their business gets. And then we wonder why when we go into a meeting with a client that all they want is a useless app to grow their fan numbers - or how a social plugin can ‘force’ somebody to like or follow them.

Let’s make more of an effort - how’s about it? You don’t even have to take up arms. All you need to do is write about what interests you about social media, and do it when you feel like it.

The eyes of the world aren’t on you - trust me, there are meteors to duck and books to read. The moment you feel that pressure is the moment you stop writing well. I know that all too well. This blog is probably littered with more than a few shit articles. But I don’t want to write any more of them.

And neither should you. So what do you say? Let’s do it - let’s stop writing shit social media blogs!

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