Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The key to social success: Balance, Variety and nine steps to improve your social posts

How are you getting on with that social media strategy? Is it going OK? Are you reaching enough people? Are you meeting your goals?

Yes? No? Do you have the answer yet?

You probably should, you know. We are way, way past the stage in social media when you can just have a fiddle around the edges and hope that it’s OK.

It’s like email - it’s not going away, you can love it or you can hate it, but really, you’ve just got to knuckle down and use it now, because that’s where a lot of your potential clients are there.

Chop. Change. Optimise.

Find out what works, and find out why it works.

Think about what you are feeding your audience. Think about the type of audience you want. It can’t be everybody. If you try to please everybody, not only will you fail - you’ll also become irrelevant.

Optimise your social presence! Cultivate a following that is interested not just in what you are offering, but what you are as a business. That’s hard. That’s why it needs to be done. All of the biggest rewards come after you solve a really hard, really big problem. Defer your gratification. Choose the road less travelled.

It’s hard to be useful in social media - and that’s why so many companies get it wrong.

Before you post anything socially - can you answer the following questions?

  1. Is it timely? Is this appearing at a time you know your audience will be around?
  2. Is it relevant? Is it relevant to their lives, or the world around us?
  3. Is it fun/interesting? Does it make you smile? Would you send it to a mate to cheer them up? Is this something you think your fans should know about, or NEED to know about it.
  4. Will you reply to comments on it? Are you willing to take part in a conversation around it? If not, then it’s probably best not to put it up.
  5. Does it reflect your business or brand? Does it reflect your brand’s values?
  6. Would you engage with this? Would you (honestly) respond to this if you saw another friend posting this in your news feed?
  7. Would your nan be offended by this? Not your real nan – your internal nan. What I mean by this is – put yourself in another person’s shoes. Would this content offend that person? If so, then probably best not to post it.
  8. Would you click on it? Does the information provided really make you want to click on the link? If not, how can you improve what you’re doing?
  9. Does it ask too much of me? Am I asking somebody to like, +1, share, retweet and enter something all at the same time? If so, you’re probably asking too much!
If you can’t answer yes to these nine questions, then don’t post anything. It’s really that simple.

Remember - good social posting isn’t about the amount that you post - it’s about getting the balance and variety of the posts right.

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