Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How not to promote a sponsor on Facebook

Bad Status Update

Do I really need to say more about the picture above?

I think that this is pretty cheap on so many levels.

We all know that radio stations have a number of responsibilities towards their commercial sponsors, and rely on them to keep the station financially viable and on the air.

It's not arms trading; it's how the stations stay on air and remain profitable, keeping people in work. I think we can all accept advertising in one shape or another. We're grown ups.

I handle commercial posting for the radio stations that I work for, and the number one reason I turn down requests for social postings from a commercial client is if there is ZERO benefit to the listener on a social platform.

What benefit does this have to the user? What response did they expect to illicit? 'Oh, look, Belvita have breakfast biscuits that come in five different flavours! Quick, honey, get my coat! I might be able to get down to the store in time to get some.'

Show me the person who says that and I'll get a marker pen and draw the word IDIOT on their heads in capital letters.

This doesn't have any benefit to the end user. It looks like it's been 'pushed' (a term that I hate, as social media marketing is not akin to drug dealing or pimping) on the user, it jars with the rest of the content of what is an otherwise fine radio show.

I don't 'Like' a page on Facebook to be talked at about a product that has nothing to do with the show that I tune into.

And I'm sure that most people don't for that matter.

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  1. I agree with you 100% - Guarding a brand is just as important on social media as it is on air. Unfortunately though money talks and these days it's amazing what some brands will say/do if the price is right - brand guardians do seem to lose a lot of battles these days - lets hope we win the war though!