Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting the digital begging bowl out

It's that time of year again when I get out my digital begging bowl and ask you all to help a blogger out...

Could you take a couple of minutes out of your day to nominate this site, for the annual Top Ten Social Media Blogs contest?

I know it’s a bit of an ask, and potentially a bit of a pain in the arse, but here’s a few reasons why I think that you could vote for me, if you wanted to.

If you could read these reasons whilst listening to this amazing track from Edwin Starr, I’d really appreciate it:

  1. I share relevant information: as a Community Manager for brands such as Ministry of Sound, Real Radio and Smooth Radio, rather than simply writing about social media and the challenges it faces from the outside looking in, I’m actually there, day-in, day-out, talking to consumers on social channels. Many of the case studies on my blog are from projects I’ve undertaken - no white papers about projects that others have worked on. Tangible, useable information.
  2. I’m from ‘outside the bubble’: I don’t live in San Francisco, New York, London or Cupertino. I live in Manchester, and I’m originally from Southampton. You can’t get much more out of the bubble than that. It gives me hindsight, and gives me the liberty and freedom to say whatever I like, without worrying about treading on a VC’s toes, or upsetting a precious entrepeneur, should I ever wish to write about a startup. So that’s what I do.
  3. I don’t publish press releases or promotional pieces and present them as meaningful content.
  4. I love the fresh, fresh feeling of Batiste Instant Hair Refresh in my hair after a long day.
  5. I don’t just talk about how ‘great’ the Old Spice viral campaign was - I ACTUALLY USE OLD SPICE. To clean under my arms, in intimate areas, and, in extreme circumstances, to clean my teeth. In your face, Ray Mears.
  6. I support a deeply unfashionable football team - Southampton FC. So I’d really appreciate winning something for a change.
  7. I own THESE, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend:
  8. I once tried to bring bell bottoms back into fashion single handedly. It didn’t end well, but I think that means that I’m a fearless risk-taker of some kind.
  9. I listen to the ‘Chocolate Cake’ sketch by Bill Cosby at least once a day.
  10. If I don’t have ten things in a list, it makes me nervous

If those reasons are not enough to sway you into a genuine, well intentioned vote for this blog, then I understand. Really, I do. But if you want to...

What do you need to do to help a brother out?

Well, all you need to do is

  1. Head to the Social Media Examiner site.
  2. Add a comment to the bottom of this post.
  3. Nominate - but only if you want to.
  4. Let them know why you are nominating me. If could be for a variety of reasons, but please only do it if you genuinely like my work, or it’s helped you in some way in any time.

I’ll keep you updated on my Facebook page as to whether or not I get shortlisted for the award. I hope I do, but there are loads of fantastic blogs out there on social media, and I’m just a little fish in that huge pond, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time, and for your vote - normal service will be resumed shortly.


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