Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's Viral: Bob Ross Remixed

You might remember me sharing this video on my Facebook page a few weeks ago (if not, then head on over and like The What Noise on Facebook now).

I just wanted to share this on the blog with you all because I think it's a fantastic example of a public-funded broadcasting organisation appealing for donations.

I always used to see pics of Bob Ross when I was wandering around Southampton in my teenage years, past all of the arts and craft shops that populated the outskirts of our city centre. And when you're young, you just look at an old guy with frizzy hair flogging painting wares and have a bit of a laugh at him - because you're dumb at that age, and trying to impress girls with your rubbish sense of humour.

This video works because it takes one of PBS's most popular shows, auto-tunes it (which never gets old if it's done correctly), and turns it into an upbeat tribute to the educational and uplifting power of good public broadcasting.

It pulls on the heartstrings, makes you feel good, and encourages you to donate through the power of humour, nostalgia and fun, rather than simply holding out a begging bowl and peering sadly into the camera - or trying to exploit you.

Televangelists take note...

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