Sunday, 13 May 2012

Instagram: Hashtag me up, baby! [Infographic]

There are lots of really, really cool infographics out there about Instagram. And why not? It’s an inherently addictive medium, that has turned us all into what can only be described as functioning filter addicts. And as Kanye West said, Imma let you see one in a bit (paraphrasing badly) - I want to talk a bit about why I love it so much.

Besides all of the buzz around the product being really cool, and the coding of the app being simple, and the fact that it’s just been bought by Facebook for $1bn for all of the above reasons and more, nobody really seems to be talking about what really gives Instagram it’s edge over all of the other photo-sharing apps out there: The Community.

What Instagram have managed to do so successfully, is to make you feel as if you are not alone when you are taking and uploading photos. There are thousands of them, and the great thing about it is that it’s so easy to join one and get going - all you need is to know what the hashtag is.

I live in Manchester, and I get a huge kick out of taking pictures of all of the wonderful buildings around this great city and sharing them with my friends. But beyond that, one of the things I really love is interacting with other people that like to do the same things. Which is why when I found out about the #igersmcr hashtag, it really started to make sharing my photos on Instagram fun.

It made me feel like when I shared pictures, I wasn’t alone in doing so. And that’s what an online community is all about.

And yet they call us addicts?!

I’m sorry, I can’t be cynical about it - I fucking love this app. Sue me.

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