Friday, 2 March 2012

Video: Why People Share on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, not only for launching real-time analytics this week and a great new timeline function for brands, but for also hosting a rather fantastic conference in New York.

One of my favourite moments of the conference however was when they had a breakout session on not how people share, but why people share.

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We all fundamentally share unconsciously - we are hot-wired to share information, and we are fundamentally social. The information that we share is often information that can either bond us closer together. We are sharing a bit of our identity.

So the information that brands should be sharing on Facebook shouldn't come from a selfish place. It can't afford to. It has to come from a good place. You have to want to help, share and basically have a friendship with your audience, like, you know, a normal person would!

What do you think?

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