Friday, 23 March 2012

Posterous + Twitter vs. Tumblr?

It seems that Twitter is finally starting to get the proverbial willies about Tumblr's tanks being parked on their microblogging lawn.

With the recent announcement that Tumblr has 46.2 million blogs and 18 billion-plus posts (and counting), and the concerns over Twitter's current commercial strategy, which is either a) too expensive or b) not very engaging, it's becoming clear that there are some serious companies out there gunning for Twitter's perceived 'runner-up' spot in the social media world (I know it's not that simple, but I'm talking about perceptions here).

So, Twitter's solution? They have bought Posterous.

I like Posterous. It's a nice, clean simple site, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when these two companies really start bumping uglies and producing something. Maybe they are turning their own guns on Tumblr, and are going to make a more functional version for the Twitter demographic, that still retains the richness that Tumblr has.

But I have to admit - I'm starting to struggle a little bit with Twitter.

The reason?

Well, for starters, their official iPhone and Android app is a bit rubbish. I've found myself checking it a lot less in the past few months. It's just not quick enough, and I'm a bit bored with the way that the information is presented to me. I know that the latest redesign was meant to put content further to the fore, but for me, it's just become a little bit less about discovery, and more about curation.

Let me get this straight - I don't want Twitter to curate my news for me. I want it to be immediate. I want it to reflect the world around me. When I log in on my mobile, the first thing I want to see is a list of trending topics - not curated stories from popular hashtags. JUST GIVE ME A FEED! I'll do the curation.

I'm not sure if many people will agree with me, but some of the beauty of Twitter seems to be lost every time they launch a new feature.

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  3. agree with you about twitter's recent attempts to become a content curator. But that must be where it sees it;s commercial future as the traditional news media spirals towards bankruptcy.
    As for the Android app, twitter mobile browsed via Opera Mini works better

  4. Hi Gareth - you make some really good points - traditional news media is being both aided AND disrupted by Twitter at the moment - it's a curious situation! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I will definitely try your Twitter + Opera Mini combo from now on.