Thursday, 5 January 2012

Facebook pay-to-play for brands? Not really...

I read a really interesting article this week from Simply Zesty, which is a blog that I often enjoy reading. That sounds like I'm damning it with faint praise, but I'm not! 

It was about Facebook increasingly becoming a crowded market for brands, which is difficult to break through unless you have the finance to fund paid ads.

To a certain extent I agree - but once again it depends on the type of engagement metrics you are looking at.

If you are looking at responses, sheer number of fans and all-singing, all-dancing campaigns, then yes, you are always going to be at a disadvantage to brands such as Converse and Nike. 

But that is not to say that a well-crafted status update, a timely picture, or interesting link will not garner equally proportionate results.

That's the key in this - proportion.

There is no denying that Facebook is an increasingly crowded market place. Unless you have a large marketing platform, it is hard to add thousands upon thousands of fans. But before you dash for the credit card and sign up for ads, think about what you actually want to get out of your brand presence.

Do you want to get people through the door? Then maybe start small - turn the people that like your page into advocates. Many businesses simply give up if they initially don't get the response they want. But keep at it. 

The people that have sought you out on Facebook, have searched for your name, have seen the prompt in your shop/place of business/mail-out. These are the interested parties you need to engage before chasing the promo-freaks and prize pigs. 

Go for the meaningful fans and build a relationship with them - that's where you'll find the true value.

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