Sunday, 18 September 2011

Insight vs. Foresight

Do you predict the future of technology? Are you a budding social media futurologist, predicting the next big thing, the next trend (location in 2010, coupon sites in 2011)?

Have you checked recently to see how right you are? Chances are, you are probably way out.

Don't take it the wrong way. You are not alone. We all try to find a path, to make it known that we can predict the future of our technology.

Now imagine if you took a pinch of the effort you are putting into trying to predict the future, and applied it to understanding the tools available to you now.

Chances are you'd not only be wrong a lot less - you'd also be a lot more useful in the here and now.

It is human nature to try and predict the future, so don't feel to bad. Just try to live in the social here and now. Where your audience is now.

Where you are concentrating your efforts now?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Twitter user growth - exciting figures, but still so much to achieve

The growth of Twitter as been nothing short of phenomenal in the past year.

According to the latest update from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter has had a bumper year of growth, with the micro-blogging platform finally reaching the 100 million active user mark, with over 55 million log-ins on mobile platforms and tablets per month.

There is a very big difference between a service having registered users and active users, and every social network measures them differently. Of the 100 million active users that log in to Twitter once a month, 50 million of them log in to check up once a day.

Whilst this is a small number compared to Facebook’s 750 million active users, and it’s still quite a way behind the 350 million daily users using Facebook every day, this number is encouraging. Let me put it this way: I wouldn’t be too concerned if I was Dorsey. Any long-established platform that can manage to increase it’s user activity by 82% in under a year is onto something special.

The decision to open up the Twitter stream to advertising is a bold one, and as with most changes, will probably be greeted with a degree of anger by many people who don’t want to see marketing messages, it is vital to the growth of Twitter to monetise the platform.

Businesses in Silicon Valley, and in the big wide world can start on ideas, but it is more vital than ever to Twitter’s growth rate and scaleability that they start making some serious geld, especially seeing as they are nobly committing to remaining as independent as possible for the foreseeable future.

What do you think?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Twitter: earthquake news fast and first

Neat little video from Twitter (via Laughing Squid) illustrating how you can receive an update about a coast-to-coast earthquake before it reaches you.

The most disturbing thing about this video however is how I am slowly morphing into every social media dork in the world.

iPhone? Check

Neutral shirt? Check

Twitter mug? WANT ONE.