Thursday, 25 August 2011

Steve Jobs: thanks

Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you all regarding Steve Jobs, and his departure from Apple. 

Having put up for years with slow, bitty desktop PCs running at a tenth of the speed they promised, and more importantly the incessant nagging of my best buddy (and now full-time genius) Martin, I finally took the decision in December 2007 to upgrade to a Macbook.

It was the black Macbook, and it was geek-love at first sight for me... 

Sadly, when our old house in London was burgled last year, both Ana’s and my laptops were the only things of any value stolen from the house. We were both upset about this, although not enough to lose perspective over the fact that some scumbag had been in our house and turned our drawers inside out.

I’m not an under-the-bonnet geek. I am into communities, building them and growing them online. The tools I use are just a means to an end. 

The two things I need for my software and hardware are:
  1. Ease of use 
  2. Functionality 
If it’s not quick, or if it doesn’t let me do what I need to do in a simple, user-friendly way, I don’t like it.

Apple made building, maintaining and growing social networks a breeze. It made listening to and storing my music an enjoyable experience. 

I feel like my iPod, iPhone and Macbook Pro enhance my working life, and make surfing the web, writing, researching, creating, downloading and uploading so intuitive I don’t even need to think twice about what to do.

Steve Jobs helmed the company through this period, and I’m not going to gush, but I just wanted to say thanks. You’ve made my job a lot more fun, and much easier, as a result of your hard work and attention to detail. I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a long, happy and healthy retirement.

And to people who complain that Steve Jobs only ever answered your emails with one-sentence (often one-word) responses, I will only say this once: Grow up. It’s how CEOs write emails.

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