Thursday, 28 April 2011

An open letter to Twitter

Dear Twitter,

I didn’t really want to write this letter. It’s especially hard as every time I start thinking of all that we have been through, from the death of MJ, to that failed #fuckthebanks hashtag that I tried to start up on Twitter in a fit of revolutionary pique (and anger at Santander). It wasn’t very good, was it?


People of Twitter - I’m actually pretty angry at you at the moment. Angry and disappointed, like Geoff when he berated PJ & Duncan in Byker Grove.

You’ve let me down, you’ve let yourselves down, but more importantly, you’ve let Social Media down.

Why is that? Oh, you don’t know? Well let me fill you in...

Let’s start with wishing suicide on a 13 year old for having the temerity to release an (admittedly shit) song.

Followed by a course of bullying from angry Manchester United fans. Upset at only winning one nil at the weekend, their fans turned to Twitter to pour scorn on their young midfielder Darron Gibson, just for having the temerity of not being as good as He Who Can’t Be Named Due To Legal Reasons, or Wayne Rooney. Upset at the level of uneducated abuse, Gibson chose to leave Twitter hours later.

And who could blame him?

When I’m asked to explain Twitter in meetings and presentations, I often describe it as a reaction to the world around us. But, with some of the reactions and tweets that are posted on the network, a CEO at first glance could almost (almost) be justified in thinking that Twitter was merely an open sewer which allows the most obnoxious, thick people in the world to pour bile down the throat of whoever they happen to hate at that moment in time.

I thought that was what Youtube was for?

I love using you Twitter, but jesus, some of the shit I see on there from supposedly ‘educated’, tech-savvy people makes me want to pop my eyes with a ballpoint pen.

Is there a better way for us to battle the rise of the idiots now a large majority of them have Twitter accounts, and a small minority of them are, somehow, influential?

Do we drown them out, ignore them, or do we move on? Or, am I just being a snob?

I’m reaching out to you Twitter - throw me a bone. Or some abuse.



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