Sunday, 3 April 2011

Facebook Questions - Good or Bad?

I thought it was worth sending an update to you all to let you know (if you didn't know already) about a new feature that’s been introduced to Facebook's brand pages - Questions.

It's great for gathering opinions from your friends, family, and most importantly - YOUR audience. Everything from where they eat, to what their favorite movie is of all time. The only limit is the questions that you can think of.

This is a great feature, and a whole crapload lot of fun. The more questions we can ask of our audience, the more we find out about them, and the more content we can get out of them.

When somebody answers one of your questions, it then shows up in their feed. If somebody else sees that feed, and the question is good enough, they will answer it.

Check out an example of Facebook Questions in action from the official What Noise? Facebook page

As you can see, the snarky nature of the internet (or more to the point people being honest) means that the majority of people voting said that they didn't like it. But the interesting thing for me was that people from outside of the group actually saw the question in their feed, and got involved.

This alone proved to me what a good tool this could be for engagement, and for growing your reach beyond your immediate audience.

NOTE: But only if you use it properly. Obviously, if you ask shit questions (which I can be guilty of sometimes),  it's annoying and totally useless.

I can't wait to see some brands and how they use this function. Or how they don't. 

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