Sunday, 13 March 2011

Google Circles - excited?

Is Google getting ready to launch a social platform?

I think this may be a good thing.

Why? Well...

Facebook has personalized and worked it’s way into your social circle to such as an extent that it’s almost hard not to see any non-adopters as dunder-headed technophobes (otherwise know as people that really value their privacy at some level). That’s the way Facebook wants you to feel. It wants you to feel left out if you are not already on board.

Google Circles could potentially be a plan B for people put off by the smothering blanket of ‘Like’.

Your social circle is not just a circle. Your mum is not mates with your old physics teacher (I hope), who in turn is not mates with your mate Barry.

By contextualizing relationships and offering a separate pool for each of your friendship groups (which is what Facebook tried to offer when they re-launched groups last year), you can get more value out of them than if you had all of your friends together in a large pool. It would also save the embarrassment of your mum or Aunt knowing that you smoked.

Our friendships aren’t shaped in a manner which can be catered for by a single circle. Maybe not even the Circles that Google are suggesting. But then, isn’t that what real life is all about?

Have a look at the presentation from Paul Adams (Google's ex-social technology researcher, and possible Godfather of Circles) below and let me know what you think.
Personally, as it’s Sunday, and I’ve just had a massive roast, I’m voting that we wait for technology to catch up with those experiences.

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