Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bullshit Buzzword Bingo, by a seasoned Webstratepaneur

Some rights reserved by sekimura

Basically, everything that I do when it comes to making social a good option for companies is to not take the nuclear option with the buzzwords, and overwhelm everybody. It's a con. Being social is not hard.

Lets face it, although buzz-words are the work of the devil, we all need to shorten and make a good analogy from time to time. Sometimes the analogy gets shortened, and that’s where the buzzing starts to occur.

And then what happens? Then I have to get together a social media dictionary, only to discover that my own head is shoved up my ass, and I’m as deep in the bullshit bingo as this dude. So thanks for all of the buzzwords, everybody. And by thank you, I mean, sod you arsebiscuit.

Thanks for making my day A Bajillion Hits. A more-than necessary reality check for me.

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