Monday, 10 January 2011

No More Gurus - thanks!

It’s very nice when you inadvertently stumble upon a really spot-on community of people that share the some concerns about the industry that you work in.

So when I read this piece in New Media Age by columnist and ex-ASOS Community Manager Ilana Fox (now a partner at Spoke Digital), I felt that I had to get in touch. It really resonated with me, and I offered to write a blog for her website, No More Gurus.

Social Media Gurus are a blot on the tech/new media landscape, but having people like Ilana around setting up sites like No More Gurus really reaffirms my faith in the new media community, and their indefatigability in the face of so much, well, utter rubbish that some so-called ‘gurus’ spout.

Have a read of my blog piece below, and make sure you subscribe to the blog – they’ve got lots of great content.

Thanks Ilana, and thanks to everybody that knows me – it’s a real pleasure writing this blog, and the opportunities I get through it wouldn’t be possible unless I had such a loyal bunch of friends.

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