Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Twitter: New Facebook or New Coke?

Hope that you are well. Apologies for the brief radio silence on the blog, it’s been an incredibly busy two weeks since I left London and relocated to Manchester with my lovely girlfriend Ana, and I’ve been really busy moving in and, well, working. So no blogging.

I’m currently sat here in lovely Islington (thanks to Emilio, Sarah and Tom for putting me up), putting the finishing touches to my Twitter presentation for tomorrow at the Marketers Forum. The new video and photo functionality on Twitter could be very exciting, and I wonder what it means for third-party apps, and how they can build the new functionality into their existing platforms.

Do we really want streaming video within our Twitter feeds? Is it really a location, in the same way that Facebook is a social location? Obviously not, but this move seems to be an indicator that potentially that is where the guys at the top want their platform to go…  

What do you think of their chances of success? Is this a smart, or a stupid move? 

Check out the video below previewing the new changes, and if you are coming to the event tomorrow, then see you there!

1 comment:

  1. Will need to see it to really know, but for every great step forward there's a google buzz.

    On another note, is the best way to get ahead in music to play xylophone in some farty folk band? What is it that makes advertisers think this kind of music is indicative of a great, quirky product?