Friday, 14 May 2010

Tweeting: Don't be a Dalek, just be yourself!

 I was having a good chat with my mate Sam this afternoon about the role of Social Media in eCommerce and the music industry. Sounds like a hoot (no pun intended), doesn't it?

Obviously, I won't bore you with the finer details, but the conversation started after a discussion started by at the way we Twitter, and how some companies and invividuals within them just refuse to understand Twitter, and just insist on shouting prices and information at people like a modern day sales gestapo.

This should never be the case. I mean, nobody really wants to shop with somebody who is just going to tell you to buy their product, or just fuck off? Unfortunately, that's how some businesses operate online, just barking offers at people and broadcasting prices at them whilst saying 'out now!' or 'buy now!' Real stores are, for the most part, not ran by Daleks. So why operate like this online? Why replicate the products you can find in a shop, but not the good customer service and product knowledge?

Be The Local Guitar Shop, Not The Music Superstore

One of my favourite places to hang out when I was younger was a guitar shop in Southampton. It wasn't the biggest, or cheapest guitar shop in town, but you could get a good deal if you paid in cash. The coolest thing about this place though wasn't it's products, or prices - it was the fact that you could go in there, hang out, play guitars and talk to people about music (which in the late 90s was pretty shit - remember Gay Dad? Space? Catatonia? You get the idea). The staff were friendly and knowledgeable - they clearly loved hanging out and playing music all day too. And you could spend a few hours there, only leaving with a 50p plectrum or some strings. But you had a good experience, and you'd definitely get all of your guitars, strings and things from that store. Not because it was the cheapest, but because you had a relationship and a loyalty to that store.

So, in short, in the online world, where you don't get the benefit of face to face contact, you need the next best thing - a friendly, helpful online presence. One that helps, and respects people rather than pissing on their goodwill by shouting prices at them. We can see what the price is. And you have to sell a lot more of them if you don't help out and be yourself around them.

My Picks Of The Week:

Nice Pair of free Moby Downloads from his last album (disclaimer - I work for Ministry of Sound!):

Nice bit of dirty Dutch house from Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Afrojack Remix)

A Classic from The New York Dolls

 Another cracker from Burns

And finally, this wicked free download from Disappears - Gone Completely - pure Iggy-esque carnage!

Have a great weekend!

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