Monday, 10 May 2010

Facebook Newsfeed Down For Some, World Waits For Answer (Well, Geeks Like Me At Least)

*UPDATE: Problem appears to be sorted, although stay tuned for more updates.*

Just to give you all a quick update - logged onto Facebook This morning, only to find that the previous healthy chat and posting and response rates on Facebook had all but died.

The reason? Our updates are not showing up in our fans newsfeeds! Why?

After searching the FAQ's, the 'help' centre, all of the possible sources, Facebook haven't dignified us with a blog posting or a response, as they clearly think because they have a free service, we should just put up with the bad customer (that is what we are - we have paid them by providing them with our personal information).

According to this page, Facebook will have the problem (with the servers) fixed by this Friday (the 14th). For users (and brands), who, like me, who like to keep their fans updated of the latest info, this is not good enough.

We'd like this fixed now Facebook, so please pull your finger out and get back to us. You owe us all an explanation.

Just remember that you are well within your rights to complain - it is not a free service, you are paying them with your personal information, which they are making money from.


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