Sunday, 10 January 2010

Backyard Recordings - Realising The Value of Free Content.

An interesting email dropped into my inbox on Thursday from a PR company. I'm pretty used to them, as I have been writing about music for quite a few years now, but this one was different to the other ones that send links to albums, singles and suchlike. It was not only offering me a copy of the single to review ('Love Harder' by Ali Love), but also to share with the readers of my blog, free of charge.

That's right - the lead track from the release. Totally free.

It's an interesting, bold and applaudable approach from the record label in question (Backyard Recordings). Being media-savvy, they realise that by looking on the blogosphere that building a buzz on an artist doesn't necessarily mean just soundless, preachy and frequently badly-written reviews of the single. That in my (and their) opinion doesn't constitute best use of social media/blog platforms.

Rather, they understand the best way to build buzz is to let people share and enjoy the artist's music. They will be repaid in purchases of gig tickets, of the various remixes on offer, and the best form of reviewing in this tech-savvy world - people commenting on how much they like a track.

Online music journalism the likes of Drowned in Sound and Pitchfork specialise in are a dying breed - outdated, faceless and self - important. People want to have a recommendation, then make up their own mind. Good music will always out.

Speaking of which, here is the single and download. Enjoy!

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