Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Algorithm Method - Tricky

So i'm currently working on an article regarding online algorithms for the rather wonderful Flipside Magazine, and all in all it seems to be going quite well, although as with most things in life, more questions seem to crop up the further I get into the article.

Do algorithms inhibit our natural ability to search out content we like? I mean, it's all well and good being having everything delivered to your metaphorical online doorstep, but what does this mean for current and future generations? Will our desire to search out new musical experiences begin and end with the iTunes genius function? I hope not...

But maybe I'm being slightly pessimistic here. The internet has been an amazingly powerful tool for artists large and small, mainly due to the dedication of the myriad blogs, e-zines and other online content providers. Sure, it's all on our doorstep, but it is there - surely it's better to buy a record based on being able to listen to it in full, and having somebody you trust rate it (albeit somebody you've probably never met). And failing that, there's always your mates to recommend a wicked track for you to listen to. Like this...

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